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Artificial lawn or fake grass will save you time, money and conserve one of our most precious resources.

Maintaining green lawn year-round is a tough job in itself.

Artificial lawn or synthetic grass in Perth, Western Australia is fast growing in popularity.

Many homes and businesses alike are now choosing artificial grass over its natural lawn counterpart.

And it’s easy to see why,
Perth’s hot dry summers can take its toll on even the toughest of lawns,

Forget mowing your lawn ever again. No more reticulation issues.
No prickles or weeds.
Green lawn year round.
Reduces your homes water usage significantly.

Whilst ‘do it yourself’ enthusiasts can ‘have a go’ at installing artificial lawn, there is more to getting it right than simply rolling it on.

Below, Is our 5 simple steps we adhere to when installing artificial grass in Perth homes.
Removal of old lawn and excess dirt.
Rake the area of all stones and leftover debris.
Spread, compact and level fine cracker dust roughly 80-100mm in depth (This base aids in both drainage and compaction under the fake lawn).
Artificial grass is then rolled out, trimmed, pinned, glued and taped into position.
Final clean up.

Upon completion our team will complete a site clean and tidyup.

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