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Artificial lawn that looks real and feels great.Perhaps you've noticed Fake lawn has become increasingly popular lately?

With many homeowners and businesses choosing artificial over its real turf counterpart.
It isn't surprising that Perth, Western Australia has the fastest rate of artificial lawn installation growth throughout Australia, and it's easy to see why.

Increasing costs for our precious water supply is one of the main contributing factors our customers have credited for their switch to Synthetic Turf.

Perth's hot dry summers make it very difficult to grow and maintain consistent natural lawn year-round as we know.
Save $$ on water, reticulation parts and finally get rid of the old lawnmower once and for all.

Choosing your Artificial Lawn:

When choosing your turf remember it's not just about getting the best and most expensive product on the market finding the right turf suitable for the correct application is key.
Fake turf looks like its real counterpart and can differ in 'blade height' and overall texture as natural lawn does.
We suggest our clients take off their shoes and try it under foot to gain a "feel" for the difference in pile heights and blade types available to today's market.

Warranties are available on all artificial turf, majority of our suppliers offer a 10-year guarantee on their products.


Whilst 'do it yourself' enthusiasts can 'have a go' at installing artificial lawn there is more to getting it right than simply rolling it on!

Our team follow the 5 important steps listed below to ensure a professional finish is met with excellent drainage qualities

.The site must be cleaned thoroughly first and foremost.

  1. Removal of old lawn,sticks and any rocks from the soil is paramount to obtain a crisp level surface
  2. Once the area has been raked over be sure to soak the sand with water to help aid compaction
  3. Start by adding your cracker dust medium to a depth of 50 mm minimum. This medium grade road base assists with drainage and compacts very well using a vibratory compactor
  4. Run a screed over the now compacted cracker dust to achieve a flat uniform surface
  5. Your new turf is rolled out, trimmed, pinned, glued and taped into position

Once these steps have been completed a quick trim is needed to tidy up any loose ends.

Finally an added layer of fine sand is spread onto the lawn, helping to iron out any imperfections.

Time for a site clean and removal of all unwanted rubbish, off cuts from the new turf etc.
Dan's Landscaping team will dispose of everything to the tip for you. Just leave it up to the experts.

If there is still some unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to call for a chat.
Arrange for Dan's Landscaping, who are the best artificial lawn gurus around Perth to give an obligation free quote on this fantastic water wise solution!
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