Ground Covering Ideas and Tips

With many different types of organic and non organic mulches available on todays landscaping market it is easy to overlook the importance in choosing what surrounds your plants and lawn.

When planning your garden remember to make sure the space feels inviting, has a nice contrast in colours and remains functional for its intended purpose above all.

So what ground cover is right for you?

If you enjoy a natural looking garden then a good organic mulch is what you want.
A good organic mulch will offer the most nutrients for your garden whilst also decomposing naturally. Keep in mind though it will need to be topped up every few months.

Then there’s the non organic ground covers. Crushed gravels, River stones and rocks which are longer lasting obviously, yet hold little nutrient values for your plants.

Below is a list of different ground covers and mulching products commonly used by our team with some handy tips to help you with designing your dream outdoor space.Organic Mulch

Organic Mulch is great for retaining moisture when establishing new gardens or shrubs.
Remember that organic garden mulch will decompose over time, which will require a top up more regularly in the summer months.

When sourcing and applying organic mulch your hardwoods or jungle mulch as is commonly referred  too are generally darker in colour.

While being a bit more expensive it will hold it’s colour and provide a nicer tone for longer than pine or other soft wood chips.

Also don’t forget when mulching that having garden edging is a must if you want to keep the mulch off your lawns and pathways.

River stones

River stones are generally used as more of a feature stone due to there expense but the good thing is you only need to buy them once.

With there soft smooth edges and availability in a variety of colours and sizes these beauties can be used in a vast array of different landscaping aspects.

River stones don’t have harsh edges like crushed rocks and gravels
And work a treat when combined into a fancy pathway border or to add colour inside potted plants etc.

Crushed Gravels

With a large range of colours and sizings, crushed gravel or rocks can be a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up the side of your home that rarely gets seen.

Cover that unsightly sand from blowing into your home this rather cheap landscaping idea can save countless hours of sweeping sand up from around your doorways day after day.

Also effective in covering larger areas for a fraction of the price of.

Rainbow stone is very common in a lot of our minimal style of garden makeovers, being that it has lovely contrasting tones against a gardens vibrant greenery.


Get creative but dont add to much colour you dont want to outshine your lovely plants with every colour of the rainbow. Keep it simple and inviting.

If perhaps time in the garden just isn’t your thing feel free to give our friendly team at Dan’s Landscaping a call with any questions you may still have.

We can supply,deliver and spread organic mulch and non organic ground covers such as Organic mulches, River stones or Crushed gravels for you.