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Lawn Removal

Are you looking to rip up or remove your lawn with no fuss?

From small jobs to something on a larger scale.

Perhaps you’ve tried to and discovered it can be one of the most difficult of landscaping jobs without the proper tools.Dan’s team can lend a hand to remove your unwanted lawn with ease.

Lawn removal is 9/10 for effort required and is a very physically challenging job .

How can Dan and his team help: To rapidly remove your lawn Dan’s team has specialized lawn removal equipment. A mini digger fitted with a hydraulically operated ripping device capable of removing the most stubborn, of all buffalo grass.

Having Lawn Beetle Issues: Lawn beetles are annoying for lovers of lawn. Although the black lawn beetle isnt as destructive as myths suggest, if your lawn is patchy and just doesnt want to grow healthy regardless of countless waterings perhaps its time to throw in the towel so to speak.  Trying to repair lawn can seem like an uphill battle costing alot on water and nasty pesticides in the process. Lawn removal is an option.

Where can the machine fit: The equipment used to quickly remove your lawn is designed for residential operations and narrow access. If the access to your rear lawn is at it’s narrowest no smaller than 900mm, This machine is the answer for your lawn removal.

Removal of lawn: Give Dan’s Landscaping a call to remove all that unsightly mess of sand and dead lawn today. Our team can rip and remove the lawn from the site we’ll even sweep-up and leave your site looking neat and tidy. Taking all the mess to the tip at the jobs completion.


What to replace the old lawn with:

Replacing your old lawn is dependent on your needs for the given area. With many options available for replacing the lawn. Listed below are some common options our valued clients have had us install in the past:

Laying New Lawn :

The first option is to replace the area with brand new vibrant roll on lawn. With this being a relatively inexpensive exercise it is a quick and easy way to bring your yard back to its former glory. Sourcing all our turf from trusted turf suppliers throughout Perth. Enabling us to have most lawn types installed right away for you to enjoy.

Artificial lawn:

Artificial Lawn whilst costly at first is growing in popularity with many households. After realizing the money spent on maintaining real lawn its fake twin definitely pays for itself over time through excess water charges and lawn mowing costs etc.

Paving :

Sick of lawn altogether? Pavers are a great alternative once your lawn has been removed, grassed verge crossovers and areas where vehicles park frequently become compacted and most will struggle to grow lawn leaving your verge looking less than optimal.
If you’re after a certain paver or style of paving feel free to add some photos of your ideas when filling out the request a quote form below.

Alternatively give us a call to discuss any other ideas you may have for your given area.

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