Dan's Dingo & Landscaping in Perth

Narrow access is not a problem!

If your place only has a narrow access point to the backyard Dan’s Landscaping have the solution.

Perhaps you need a small pool or spa to be installed below ground? Many homes just don’t have enough access in height or width to get a bobcat in.

The team at Dan’s landscaping come equipped with a TX 427 Toro Dingo Mini digger. This machine will fit through an entry of only 870mm, making light work of any lifting, shifting or digging you need completed.

Boggy sand or uneven ground are no match for this little digger, having tracks makes light work of travelling through many types of difficult ground.

Attachments regularly utlilised by Dan’s team are:

Chain Trencher

For all of your trenching needs. Whether it be for power, water or gas we dig trenches up to 900mm in depth. It also makes for an efficient tool when completing larger reticulation projects.


Soak wells or post holes are installed with ease by using the correct auger for your soil type. Our special tungsten tipped augers will get through most hard ground.

Limestone Block Jib

Limestone blocks used for retaining walls are heavy. Don’t bust your back trying to lift these by hand. Our machine will do all the hard work for you, lifting blocks directly where they are needed.


Contact Dan’s Landscaping team today to discuss your Narrow Access Dingo requirements!