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Brick Paving Perth

Brick paving is our specialty at Dan’s Landscaping, whether it’s a larger scale job or that extra few metres for your footpath crossover. Perhaps your old paving has sunk due too poor compaction or a soakwell may have collapsed we can solve these issues. Just choose your pavers and leave the rest up-to Dan’s Landscaping.

With a broad range of pavers and patterns to choose from nowadays, it can seem a daunting decision for some never fear, from design to concept Dan’s Landscaping team don’t believe in just pushing you into the run of the mill backyard. Instead let’s strive for something different and unique while still keeping your budget and practical needs for the area in mind.

Below is a list of paving layouts Dan’s Landscaping offer and regularly lay for their customers.

The Running Bond/Stretcher Bond
This pattern style is great for winding pathways, due to the low wastage when laying bricks.

The Basket Weave
A pattern which you lay two bricks vertically and likewise horizontally creating a square which is great for creating centrepieces under your patio or courtyard adding a nice visual too your chosen area.

Stack Bond
Which is great for its strong lines square bricks are usually what are used due to the continuous line layout.

Can be laid at a 45 or 90-degree angle, by far the strongest pattern due to the bricks being interlocked. Great for driveways/crossovers and other areas where heavy vehicles may access.

If you have your own ideas, feel free to call Dan’s Landscaping, Perth’s brick paving specialists for a chat  or select the ‘Request a Quote’ tool below, we can work with you to create something special.

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