Dan's Dingo & Landscaping in Perth

Dan's team of experienced retaining wall veterans can help. Installation of all styles of retaining walls covered. From one step to three tier, whether u prefer wood or limestone blocks Dan's team have got you covered!

Why choose Dan's team?

Having the right equipment makes the job faster and more accurate. Dan's team are specialised to get your wall built with with a minimum of fuss. From sand and soil delivery or removal to the trenching required, Dan's team is fully equipped with the right trailer, trench diggers and supplier to get the jobs done fast and get the job done right the first time.

We will work with you to design, plan and complete the retaining wall from start to finish. Dan’s Landscaping are also happy to help finish your incomplete retaining wall ‘project’ which you may have started haven’t had the time to complete.

Dan and his team understand the importance of building a safe retaining wall, so there are a few things to consider before we get started. We ensure there is sufficient site access for all the retaining wall equipment. Dan’s Landscaping ensure they use quality coarse-granular rock that creates a solid foundation that will make your wall safe and able to withstand Western Australia’s wild winter winds. We are all about building a quality wall and not cutting corners.

Limestone Retaining walls

Want a Limestone retaining wall for a garden or perhaps you require something a little bigger, either way this is one we definitely recommend leaving to the professionals because of the weights involved.

Limestone walls and limestone blocks when used as one, two or three tier retaining walls always looks great (When done professionally). As durability goes they are highly likely to outlive the house so don't worry about what the weather is doing so long as they are laid properly they are practically bomb proof.

Colours: Blocks and mortar are available in a number of shades. We will colour match your wall to your environment or paint and garden colour combinations.

Quality: Dan's team take tag great care to ensure mortar is even without over spill that can make the job look unsightly.

Site access: To lift in limestone blocks with a minimum of fuss Dan uses a narrow access mini digger. This machine is capable to transporting block through access as narrow as 900mm. Should the spot be tighter than that then good old human power will lift each block in to place.


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