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Irrigation Solutions

Reticulation plays a vital role when it comes to looking after your lawns and gardened areas.

Maintaining a green and thriving garden year round can be a battle at times, especially in Perth’s hotter months.
We can repair, supply or install all types of garden retic systems. Locate, replace broken pipes and also dig the trenches needed to keep your pipes underground out of harms way.

With gardens and lawns accounting for nearly 50% of your household water consumption per year and an ever increasing cost for usage having a controlled watering system is a must.
Our team installs and repairs all reticulation components, we have a range of options for all watering needs and water usage requirements.

  • Pop up sprinklers
  • Dripper systems
  • Poly pipe
  • Programable controllers
  • Solenoids/valves

We only use quality watering products from tried and tested brands.

Retic Controllers

The set and forget programmable controllers available are great due to the fact
multiple stations and variable station timing can be programmed in minutes.
You can choose which days and what time of day to water your gardens for optimal water usage.
The controllers also come with a backup battery so your settings are safe for those hot holidays when needed the most.

Call today to arrange for myself or a team member to help you achieve a useful money saving setup especially with summmer just around the corner.

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