Dan's Dingo & Landscaping in Perth

At Dan’s Landscaping we provide site improvement services

You may need a site clean up on a new property to prepare for a new Landscaping project, or perhaps it’s out with the old and in with the new. At Dan’s we can get the job done for you, with our wide range of services and machinery we have available.
Ripping up lawn and unwanted plants is done with ease with the right equipment. Dan’s will take away any unwanted materials for you and leave your yard neat and tidy.
Sand, soil, rubbish or concrete to be removed? Dan’s team can remove it for you. Our narrow access digger (just 900mm) means we can get into those tight spaces and small side access entries to remove your unwanted landfill.

trenching and lawn removal Dan's Landscaping

Lawn Removal

If you are looking for lawn to be removed we can do the job right at Dan’s Landscaping. Don’t break your back trying to rip up old stubborn lawn with a shovel. We have the correct machinery to remove lawn and will take it away for you so you are left with a clear area and no mess.

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