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Easy Trench Digging

We’ve got the right machine to make digging the dream ditch less of a #(#*@(.
All sizes of trench jobs, we’re kings of the ditch.

Residential trenching Dan’s team has a specialized narrow access trenching machines capable of most residential situations. Suitable for a trench 10m to a 1000m in length. Available with an operator, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Commercial, utility, council or rural trenching: For bigger jobs Dan works with a large team with heavy duty plant equipment, call today for a quote on this. Some times you need a bigger digger! Most customers only need the small ones so if that’s you call now.

Most commonly the trenching machine Dan’s landscaping uses for residential trenching is suited for installing electrical lines, reticulation, NBN & telephone connections, retaining walls, laying of underground pipes or boundary fence walls. Trench digging in Perth for electricians and plumbers that want a cost effective and quick trenching method. When compared with a shovel a mini digger with a ditchwitch style attachment can neatly cut a narrow trench in a matter of minutes.

The machine used for residential work is a skid steer mini digger that’s gentler on turf than other types of machines. Suited for narrow access it can operate in gaps as narrow as 900mm. Call us today and save the hassle of trenching clay ground or hard packed soils by hand. You,ll be amazed what our trench machine can dig into.

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