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Roll On Lawn Installed by Dan’s Landscaping. Sourcing the best natural lawns available;

Sir Walter Buffalo, Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo, Village Green Kikuyu, Winter Green Couch

Roll On Lawn Installation:

Roll-on lawn is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to improve a properties value just through kerb appeal.

Whilst a homes frontage is the first glimpse a passer by or potential buyer gets to see of your home remember that first impressions last.

Recent studies have also shown that homes with well maintained frontages sell quicker than there less cared for counterparts.

With this is mind.

Lets maximize on this somewhat overlooked, yet simple aspect of residential landscaping projects. Did you know that turf farm organic lawn is 100% weed free?

How nice would it be checking your letter box in bare feet for once without having to pick annoying prickles out of your socks every step you take. Its definitely time you eliminated that prickly, patchy hard to grow lawn once and for all.

Do yourself a favour and have roll on lawn laid that comes green and vibrant from the very start.

Dan’s Landscaping team will organize you the most competitive quote from Perth’s best roll on turf farms.

First up is the reticulation layout.

This step being crucial in maintaining that easy care lawn you’ve longed for but couldn’t quite achieve. Correct layout is key in getting the water where it’s needed most.

Delivery of your organic lawn rolls arrive and are ready for install. But before this step the soil must be prepared properly. We add a soil conditioner about 40-50 mm in depth. These added nutrients offer the lawn everything needed to thrive from the get go.

Laying of the turf can now commence. Once rolled out, holes are needed so that the sprinklers can pass through the lawn without obstruction. Finally receiving a final trim to tidy up the edges and stray ends.

Almost all residential jobs undertaken by us have only taken a day or two for completion. This quick turnaround equates to minimal disruption to our clients and there lives. Priding ourselves on time management is key to achieving this.

Still have existing lawn or something that resembles lawn growing ?

You are going to require assistance removing this before the new lawn is laid. Dan’s Landscaping team come specially equipped with the correct machinery and know how to remove your old stubborn lawn.

Removing lawn is a very tough job, even dead lawn is very hard to lift up. Dan has helped countless customers complete this physically demanding task, saving many a broken shovels and trips to the physio for our customers.

 Lawn care:

A lot of people struggle to keep lawn looking bright and green. Dan’s Landscaping team will optimize your reticulation system and let you know the products needed to help keep your soil at its best for your newly laid lawn. Correctly fertilizing and watering your  lawn in the early stages is paramount in establishing a strong and firmly rooted grass.

Knowing how to spot signs your lawn maybe bug infested or simply suffering from a lack of water and nutrients plays a big role in preventative measure in lawn care.

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